Our fairy tale

“Every story is an adventure with a happy ending.”

Life is a movie…

… in which we are the actors

We were born to prove how beautiful you are. You show, with concrete facts, where your “inner princess” is hiding.

Through our love of silhouettes and all their derivatives, we help you see your body as it really is. In short, we were born to change the world.


de gens à changer

East. 2016

It was destiny

Champagne! was born of the desire to personalize everything, to make each dress as unique as the woman who wears it. When the 2 owners met, it was instant love at first sight! All it took was one (hour-long) phone call to find out that they wanted to work together, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Throughout its four-year history, the owners have found 1,001 ways to make not only the experience unique, but the company as well. Moving from England to Russia, always on the lookout for the world’s treasures, they managed to find lace, dress collections and accessories from small, one-of-a-kind companies.

Our vision

… is excellent!

You don’t need glasses to see it! The boutique is our cocoon. You’re invited in as if you were part of the family. It’s comfortable, warm, feels like home. You can be yourself, without any filter, and this allows us to advise you better. Helping you love every detail of who you are so much that you become your own groupie.


boutique à travers le monde... pour l'instant!

The soul of the company

We believe fairies exist. Fairies exist.

Royal treatment

You can have it all


Be your true self



Come and play the princess


The actresses

In our film, the actresses support each other, helping each other and getting better every day. Like Charlie’s angels, we’re kicking against the negative! Call us to hear from us!

Cassandra Bourret

PDG Proprietaire

Claudy Tessier

DG Proprétaire